EasyFX Branding & Web Design


January 19, 2018

Website developed using HTML, JavaScript and CSS.

I was approached by the client, EasyFX, in early December with a brief involving the renovation of the branding as well as a website to advertise their trading packages.

Starting from the original logo and the brief, I begun to design the new logo. After numerous iterations, involving suggestions and feedback from the client, the design was of satisfaction of the client, and I was able to proceed on the website design.

The client sent me some examples of designs he liked, and as such I was able to collect common design features and develop a website based on those elements. However, one week later the client changed the specification, requiring me to restart the development from scratch. I was sent new example websites, and the development took two weeks, including testing, optimization, and iterations based on client feedback. I then setup the domain name, hosting, custom email address and configure settings to prevent attacks on the website.

The website met all requirements, and the website went live soon afterwards at the web address easyfx1.net.

Through this project, I strengthened my CSS and JavaScript skills, learning new styling techniques and JavaScript methods. I also learnt how important it is to keep a constant communication with the client to ensure the client needs and expectations are met, as well as to be prepared for unexpected changes.