3D Modelling

November 01, 2017

Models created, rigged and animated in 3DS Max and textured in Photoshop, AR app packaged in Unity.

As part of Fujitsu Operation Innovation, my team and I identified integration as being an issue across a range of sectors. Having had experience with Augmented Reality before, we decided to approach the problem by producing an AR app.

I was the scene compositor and programmer for this project. My role consisted in coding the app to detect each sign, displpay the correct animations and translations, and to build the app ready for use on Android devices.

PointAR is an AR app that can be used on the Fujitsu AR Headset, but also compatible with BYOD devices, capable of scanning the surroundings and detect signage, triggering visual, 3D animations to be displayed on-screen. The app also has a translation feature, where the user selects their preferred language and the sign would automatically be translated into that language. This way not only foreign users will understand instructions more easily, but also feel more integrated with the rest of the team.

Our solution also addresses the uptake of BYOD in schools and businesses. This would translate into students and employees feeling more engaged by working with their device. Schools and employers could also improve their induction process by using PointAR by receiving a response from the app itself when the student/employee has reviewed all the signs.